Sure, Gamut has plenty of famous musicians who use our strings, but we also like to help you get to know some of our many other wonderful customers, ranging from youth Violin students to passionate session musicians, hobbyists, and longtime players. We'd love to hear from all of you, and will be starting to post your stories, pictures, recordings, and videos on our website. So send us your material!

John Murchison:

Bassist John Murchison may be found playing in Jazz Clubs, recording sessions, in the pit at Broadway musicals, and at many other venues and musical events in the NYC area. One of our closest Bassist friends in NYC, John enjoys talking Bass and strings with folks in the Big Apple who share his passion.

Alison Crum:

An internationally acclaimed performer, prolific recording artist, and one of the leading players and teachers of the viol in England.

Toyohiko Satoh:

One of the most important lute players of the twentieth century, Toyohiko uses a lute made in 1610 and is one of the few original lutes heard on recordings today. We are pleased and gratified that he chose to use Gamut's Gut strings on his instrument.


Joe Harris:

Possibly the only Lute player in Oklahoma, Joe uses Gamut's gut strings on his Baroque Lute.

Sherry Kloss:

A world class performer on the violin, Sherry is a direct student of Jascha Heifetz and works to carry his lineage forward to the next generation of musicians. She is also an author. Gamut Music is proud to sponsor The Jascha Heifetz Symposium of Individual Style, founded and directed by Sherry Kloss, about which more information may be found on her page.

Guy Weddle:

A distinguished professional violinist with both a strong classical career and impressive pop credits, including the Bee Gees. Guy is also a regular columnist for Gamut's monthly newsletter.

Joshua Wang:

Joshua is always happy to perform a piece or two of violin music for people range from his great grandmother, friends and relatives, residents at senior assisted-living centers, and to visitors attending the Tin-House Concerts during the Summer time at a local farm on Long Island, NY.  

Gabriela Villa Walls:

Music history and Viol teacher at the Escuela Nacional de Música (ENM) of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City. Gabriela is also a long time user of Gamut's strings.

Edward Martin:

A distinguished lutenist, he has widely performed in the U.S.A., and also in Europe.  He is well known for his recordings, performances, teaching, and has authored articles and program notes for recordings.  He performs on Gamut instruments and strings, and his latest recording, "Courante" with lutenist Thomas Walker received a 5-Star Rating last year in Early Music Today.

Nate Robinson:

New York based Heifetz lineage violinist who has appeared worldwide as a recitalist, guest soloist, and recording artist.

David Van Edwards:

Esteemed English Lute maker based out of Norwich, and President of The Lute Society.

Henriette Lersch:

Violin maker and restorations based out of Vienna.

Thomas Walker:

Thomas migrated from guitar to lute in 1995 and studied with local great Phillip Rukavina.  He works regularly on the Twin Cities scene as soloist, lute ensemble member, and continuo for vocal and orchestral ensembles. He has performed with the Rose Ensemble, Consortium Carissimi, the Venere Lute Quartet, Duo Terzetti, and Lute2Violz.  He has devoted the last few years to performing and recording 17th century French lute solos and duos (with Edward Martin) on an 11 course lute by Daniel Larson, in exclusively gut strings provided by Gamut Music.

Phillip Rukavina:

Here is a really fine performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's suite for 'cello in D minor (BMV 1008), transcribed for the baroque guitar. Phillip uses a Larson Spanish Model Baroque Guitar made in 1992. It is a good example of how beautifully an instrument mellows in tone and appearance over time, and Phillip does a wonderful job interpreting this piece.


Paul Bagley:

Paul is a freelance violinist and teacher in the D.C./Baltimore area. A native of Duluth, MN, he returns there in the summers to visit the Gamut shop and perform with the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra as first violinist, substitute concertmaster, and sometime soloist.

Joel Spears:

One of Chicago's most versatile Early Musicians, Joel is a founding member of Black Tulip, an ensemble of musicians from various nations who "explore rich cantatas for soprano, recorder, and basso continuo"  He also teaches an innovative High School music program, and is an active player on various types of lutes as well as the theorbo.