Alison Crum

Alison, a self described "string fanatic" is one of the leading players and teachers of the viol in England. In addition to being an internationally acclaimed performer, Alison is a prolific recording artist, and has penned several instructional/theoretical books on the art of playing the viol that are at the forefront of the field.

Did you know ? :

  * In addition to her playing and writing and recording, Alison plays a significant role at the West Dean College in Sussex, near Chichester England. She instructs the students who are learning how to make viols to play them, and thus imparts to future leading makers of the world the musician's perspective, which can only serve to improve the sensitivity of their craftwork.

* Alison began her study of music on the recorder and french horn. Later in her development, as a member of a small student ensemble, one of the players remarked "we really should have a viol in the group". Alison knew a bit about the viol due to a relative who was a hobbyist on the instrument, so she took up the challenge.

* Alison's first instructional book "Play the Viol" was published in 1989 and has been re-printed 5 times.

* Alison put her affection for Gamut strings to the test and had some acoustical specialists perform laboratory tests on our strings, finding objective physical evidence backing up her subjective preferences.

* Alison has three new recordings coming out shortly, two of which were recorded on copies of early 16th century viols, using many Gamut strings.

* Alison also helps connect viol buyers and sellers internationally.


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