David Van Edwards Lute Making Course

The esteemed English lute maker David Van Edwards has, for many years, conducted a lute making course at his workshop in Norwich. The workshops are famous for the in-depth instruction concerning all aspects of historical lute construction, music and all things related to the instrument. 

In September of 2014 David Van Edwards came from England to teach his famous Lute Making Course in the Gamut workshop. Ten aspiring lute makers came to Duluth to take the course and made most of two instruments; a seven course Renaissance lute and a thirteen course Baroque lute. Everyone participated in the course with the understanding that the instruments would be donated to the Lute Society of America Rental Program, and in 2015 the Renaissance instrument from the course was delivered to the LSA program. The Baroque instrument was left with much more work to complete, so it has taken much longer to finish. Brian has been diligent in the last several months in working on the instrument and it is now finished and ready to send to the LSA program.


The instrument is modeled on the Martin Hoffmann instrument in the Germanisches National Museum, MI245 and features:

  • European spruce front
  • Rosewood back with holly spacers
  • Willow neck with ebony veneer and fingerboard
  • Maple head with black stain


Edward Martin playing the finished Martin Hoffman lute

Many thanks to all who worked on the instrument with a special thanks to David and Thea for making the long trek to Duluth to make the class possible.

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