Diapason Gut

We use the term "Diapason Gut" for long, low-pitched strings such as those used on the extensions of archlutes, theorbos, etc.  

It is another term we use for full-length, uncut strings.  Our standard length for most of our strings is 120cm, (47"), because this length makes one cello / bass viol string, or two violin strings.  The length of the diapason string is twice that, or 240cm, (94").  

The smallest diameter we offer in the diapason length is .64mm and the largest diameter is 1.50mm and gauges are available in increments of .02mm.

For diapason gut we usually select strings that have a high degree of twist because these strings are not intended to have a lot of tension put on them, as would be the case for treble gut.  

The strings are a single-twist construction and the gauges from .64mm to 1.00mm correspond to our treble gut, except with a little more twist, and the gauges from 1.00mm to 1.50mm correspond to our Lyon gut.


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