Treble Gut

This gut is processed to be a little harder than the other kinds of gut. The treble string also has a lower twist of about 15º. This construction gives it the strength and resistance it needs to stand the strain in the treble register.

This type of string is characterized by a low twist that is sometimes not even visible. The color of the string ranges from clear to white and sometimes to transparent yellow.

This type of string is an ideal use for:

  • Violin: e-1 and a-2
  • Viola: a-1 and d-2
  • Bass viol: d-1, a-2, and e-3
  • Tenor viol: g-1, d-2, and a-3
  • Treble viol: d-1, a-2, and e-3
  • Lute: g-1, d-2, a-3, and octaves on bass courses
  • Harp: treble strings


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