Spanish Baroque Guitar

Daniel Larson is pleased to offer a five course baroque guitar to the musician who needs a well-made, reliable instrument with an excellent tone. This style of instrument has been chosen because it is comfortable and easy to play, with a very full tone. It is made to an original design after a study of the iconography of Spain and Italy of the 17th century.

This instrument is an exceptional value for beginners and experienced players. The flat back lowers the cost of production while maintaining a full, rich tone that is suitable for solo or continuo playing.   It is made to be tuned A d g b e' like the modern guitar.  Ten pegs are put into the head so the instrument can be strung with single or double courses.


 Basic guitar Features:

  • String length- 64cm
  • Body length - 43cm
  • Width lower bouts - 26cm
  • Width c bouts - 18cm
  • Width upper bouts 21.5
  • Overall length - 93cm
  • Flat, figured maple back
  • Figured maple ribs
  • Mahogany neck and head
  • Ebony fingerboard and head plate
  • Rosewood pegs
  • Engleman spruce front
  • Nylon strings


      In addition to the instrument described above and pictured, enhancement features can be added to the instrument.

      Optional features:
      The basic model instrument comes with a good quality engelmann "A" quality spruce front. Other qualities of front wood are available as an optional feature. Please click on this link to go to the page that explains all of the front woods available.

      • Engelmann "AA" quality
      • Engelmann "AAA" quality
      • Western Red Cedar
      • Sitka Spruce
      • Figured Sitka Spruce
      • Fiemme Valley Italian Spruce
      • Figured Fiemme Valley Italian Spruce
      • Italian Alpine Spruce
      • Oriental Spruce
      •  Ebony front binding 
      • Ebony veneered neck
      • Yew wood back
      • Bird's eye maple back

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