Red Diamond Bass Strings


Over the last thirty years Gamut Music has been very successful in bringing quality gut strings to contrabass players all over the world playing all kinds of music, making high quality gut strings available in many gauges for the needs for diverse musical styles.

Gamut Music is pleased to announce that we are expanding our catalog with the addition of the Red Diamond line of bass strings. These strings are designed to satisfy the needs of the active, professional musician who needs that real gut sound for jazz, bluegrass, blues, rockabilly and other musical forms that require a strong bottom end to the sound and the stylistic stage presence of an upright bass.

Active, professional bass players require a full-gauged string with plenty of tension for a full tone that can carry through a small club or a stadium and the durability of strings that they can put on the instrument and not worry about, whatever the conditions of the performance situation. The Red Diamond strings are the solution.

The G-1 and D-2 strings are made of the finest beef serosa from the green fields of Ireland, twisted in our famous Lyon gut style, then wrapped with nylon to protect the string from adverse environmental conditions. The nylon is polished smooth for slick playing action and long life. The A-3 and E-4 strings have high-twist gut cores for flexibility and long sustain, seasoned carefully and then wound with round copper wire for a rich low register. The wires are left round.

Red Diamond string gauges are based on the popular medium range from our famous Academie line of bass strings with the following specifications:


String Gauge Approximate Tension
 G-1  2.50mm ( .098”) (50PM)  23Kg (52.9Lb)
 D-2  3.34mm (.131”) (67PM)  22Kg (48.5Lb)
 A-3  2.60mm (.102”) (52PM)  20Kg (44Lb)
 E-4 3.10mm (.122”) (62PM)  18Kg (39.6Lb)


At a price of only $286 per set, we are confident that you will find these strings affordable, reliable and durable. Red Diamond strings are available in sets only.


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