The Gamut String Club

Here at Gamut Music we frequently receive urgent orders from musicians who are just about to perform, travel, or enter a recording studio and find that they are in need of strings. We are always delighted to receive the order and will do our best to meet the deadline, but we always feel that there must be a better way to manage string deliveries to avoid these stressful situations.

The solution we have devised is the Gamut String Club. This is a way that you can pre-purchase strings that will be sent to you at regular intervals during the year, insuring that you have the strings that you need without any thought or effort. You can choose to have the strings knotted and varnished at additional cost. If you choose the knot and/or varnish option, then all subsequent shipments will come with that option.

The way it works:

When you sign up for the String Club you will receive one set of strings for your instrument plus two extra top strings and one extra second string right away. Then, every three months you will automatically receive two first strings and one second string. The duration of the club membership is one year, so members receive:

One set of strings plus two first strings and one second string sent immediately**

Three shipments of two first strings and one second string. These shipments are sent once every three months.

This is a yearly total of nine top strings, five second strings, and one of each other string on the instrument. These strings come to you at a 20% discount. All string club shipments will be sent out via Priority mail, so you will receive notice that a shipment is on the way to you with a tracking number so you can follow the shipment in transit.

In addition to the scheduled string shipments, as a member of the Gamut String Club you will receive a personal code that will allow you to order any other strings through the on-line store at a 20% discount for the duration of the String Club membership. On these extra orders the shipping is not included and you can choose the shipping method that suits your needs at the time.

The String Club is available for the Academie line of strings for violin, viola, cello, treble viol, tenor viol and bass viol. There are two rates for the Club depending on where you live. For shipments to the USA, Canada and Mexico, (domestic rate), there is one rate and for all other, overseas shipments, (overseas rate), there is another.

 You can start the String Club membership whenever you want and also choose to have your strings varnished and/or knotted for each shipment. Check the catalog listing through this link to see if the Gamut String might be a good choice for you.

Posted on January 20, 2014 .