The Sellas Model Guitar

This model of baroque guitar is based on an instrument made by Metto Sellas in Venice. The head of the original instrument has a label plate in which the year 1638 is given, presumably as the year of production. It is a large instrument with a string length of 69cm. The deep, vaulted back provides a large air chamber that result in a full, bright and projective tone. This is a great instrument for continuo or solo work.


Guitar specifications:

  • String length 69cm (27 1/8")
  • Overall length 39" (99cm)
  • Body length 18 1/2" (47cm)
  • Neck length 12 1/2" (31.75cm)
  • Body width, lower bouts 10" (25.5cm)
  • Body width, waist 6 7/8" (17.5cm)
  • Body width, upper bouts 8" (20.3cm)
  • Body depth, deepest part of arch 4" (10.3cm)

 Guitar Features:

  • Back and sides: Wood of choice with contrasting rib-separators
  • Engleman spruce front
  • Layered, wedding-cake rose
  • Decorative purfling around rose
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Head: mahogany with ebony face plate
  • Ebony fingerboard, with points
  • Pegs: rosewood, boxwood or ebony
  • End button: rosewood, boxwood or ebony
  • Bone nut
  • Gut strings
  • Pear bridge with ebony top plate
  • Ebony bridge decorations
  • Ebony front edge half binding


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