Nate Robinson on Gamut's Tricolore Strings

We have recently been in communication with Violinist Nate Robinson, a New York based Heifetz lineage artist who gave a recital on October 28th in Steinway Hall, Manhattan, NYC.

He played on Tricolore strings at the recital, and here's what he has to say about them :

"I had been using synthetic strings for about two decades. I wasn't getting enough of the focus or vibrancy I was looking for. I decided to look into gut strings. I tried a few different strings and, through comparison, I concluded that these (Gamut's Tricolore) were the very best gut strings I had ever tried. Just a beautiful sound that I had been looking for, that I was missing in my playing."

- Violinist Nate Robinson Oct, 2013

You may learn more about Violinist Nate Robinson by visiting Nate's Website and/or his Facebook page.

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