Joe Harris

My name is Joe Harris.  I have been playing music since about the age of 17, and have taken lessons on the guitar and Violin for several years.  I also tried out the mandolin, ukulele, and Viola Da Gamba. I decided to take up the lute after coming across a video on YouTube of the great guitarist Julian Bream playing his lute to the composer Stravinsky.  I started to listen to many lute recordings, and naturally gravitated towards the Baroque lute.  In 2012, after receiving my first lute from Dan Larson; an 11 course Frei model, I began a journey of learning to play this extraordinary instrument. I quickly fell in love with the sound of the lute, and have put all my energy and efforts into learning this special instrument to the highest level possible.   I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and to my knowledge, I am the only lutenist in the entire state, so the majority of my lessons happen over Skype video conferencing, which actually works out quite well for me.

I prefer the sound of a lute strung in all gut, so I only play on strings from Gamut music.  The Gimped bass courses sound wonderful.  The varnished chanterelle strings last quite a long time as well.

I appreciate the work that Dan has done for me on my instrument.  This 11 course is my first lute, and has turned out to be a very good choice for me.    We have made a few adjustments to accommodate my specific anatomy of my fingers, with Dan carving a new nut with wider spacing.  It turned out perfectly and has greatly enhanced my skills almost instantaneously.  The video featured here shows the results of my greater facility on this instrument.

My next goal is to work towards the purchase a 13 course lute, and to explore the late German lute music, with an emphasis on Sylvius Leopold Weiss.

If anyone is traveling through or around Oklahoma City, send me a quick note and let's meet up!!  I always love meeting fellow lute players:  


Check out Joe's YouTube Video!


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