Hans Burkholtzer Lute: 11 Rib Back

The Burkholtzer lute has proven to be the most perfect and successful baroque lute model. It works great with either eleven or thirteen courses with a sonorous tone and great projection.


The original instrument has 21 ribs that make up the back and up to now our instruments have duplicated this number. However, since a lot of the cost of producing a lute is in the number of ribs, we thought it would be a great idea to offer this perfect instrument model with fewer ribs which would make the instrument more affordable.


Therefore, we are pleased to offer the Burkholtzer model lute with the redesigned,eleven rib back. This redesigned instrument maintains the full, slightly flattened bowel profile to give the characteristic dynamic Burkholtzer tone.


This model is a basic model with either eleven or thirteen courses, and with a variety of string lengths. There are also a variety of options available to dress the instrument up and personalize it to your tastes. The basic model consists of:



  • Back: 11 ribs, wood of choice with ebony spacers
  • Front: AAA Engelmann spruce
  • Hand cut rose modeled on the original
  • Decorative carving around rose
  • Spruce neck core with ebony veneer
  • Ebony fingerboard, with points
  • Head: maple rails with ebony trim
  • Solid ebony head back plate (Decorative head back plate is optional)
  • Pegs: Ebony, rosewood or boxwood
  • End button: Ebony, rosewood or boxwood
  • Bone nut
  • Maple bass rider with ebony lining
  • Maple chanterelle rider
  • Nylon top strings and octaves with wound nylon basses
  • Maple bridge with ebony top plate
  • Ebony outlined mother of pearl heart at bottom of front
  • Ebony front edge half binding

String length options:

70.5cm (as on the original instrument)





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