Introducing a new recording by the Chambure Vihuela Quartet, with Carrie Henneman Shaw

Canto y Danza

Songs and Dances from Renaissance Spain


The Chambure Vihuela Quartet is a unique group of musicians who have come together to play the music of Renaissance Spain on the iconic instrument of the time, the vihuela.

 Not since the 16th century has a group of vihuelas been heard playing together in a with polyphonic music being played on four instruments of different sizes and for this recording some of the most popular music of the time has been arranged by Tyler Kaiser. There are seven books of vihuela music that survive and at least one piece from each is found on this recording.



The recording is available on CD in a digipack format with a booklet which contains not only the details of the program, but also extensive notes written by John Griffiths where he puts the vihuela group into a cultural and historical context and offers insight into the music and text of the pieces, including translations of the songs from Spanish to English.


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