Beef Gut

This is another variety of treble gut.  The serosa from which it is made comes from cattle and has a higher tensile strength than does sheep gut  Like the sheep treble string, the beef treble string also has a twist angle of about 15º, and this construction gives it the strength and resistance it needs to stand the strain in the treble register.

This type of string is characterized by a low twist that is sometimes not even visible and the color of the string ranges from clear to white.  Because beef gut strings are stronger than sheep gut strings they are a good choice for instruments with a long string length, or higher tension situations.   

In addition to the extra strength, the fiber structure of beef serosa has less of the fine hairs that sometimes develop on sheep gut strings.  

Beef gut strings are ideal for:

  • Violin: e-1   
  • Viola: a-1    
  • Bass viol: d-1
  • Tenor viol: g-1
  • Treble viol: d-1
  • Lute: g-1
  • Harp: treble strings 


Beef gut strings are available in millimeter gauges from .38mm to .80mm in increments of .02mm

Diameter in millimeters Ordering Number
.38mm TB38
.40mm TB40
.42mm TB42
.44mm TB44
.46mm TB46
.48mm TB48
.50mm TB50
.52mm TB52
.54mm TB54
.56mm TB56
.58mm TB58
.60mm TB60
.62mm TB62
.64mm TB64
.66mm TB66
.68mm TB68
.70mm TB70
.72mm TB72
.74mm TB74
.76mm TB76
.78mm TB78
.80mm TB80


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